Figures were always my FIRST love in Art, the great grounded form in three dimensions made my temperature rise, I swear. And I loved doing “Message” Paintings, Portraits, ‘tongue n cheek’ drawings, wall sculptures, you name it. Until recently finding Quantum Physics and feeling such JOY learning the truth was never linear, and how teeming the planet is with LIFE, from the smallest Quantum waves and particles to the visible larger, to the invisibles like dark matter and dark energy, whatever they are! I felt so FREE and Joyful that there was so much life on so many levels in so many dimensions and parallel universes, the possibilities are infinite. I felt VERY HUMBLED.

That WOW discovery led me to show my Gratitude in the recent PRAYER SERIES in Acrylics on Canvas, and with the simplicity of a child I thank God and ask for his Blessings. Next I got into the Abstracts as I tried to get loosened up after the Prayers, and use up the gobs of paint, and I fell in love with them on the spot, they were so alive, so driven, so Energetic and beautiful, and they fell right into my brain still wet with Quantum everything, as I felt the waves and particles and atoms and space and time and Sacred Geometry pouring out of me in brilliant colors, teeming with life and joy and energy. ( Totally unlike the old Minimalist Abstracts that seemed so Victorian, lifeless and joyless, bleak and bland, alien to life forms like these. They didn’t know about what I know about, all the crushing life forms everywhere all the time.)

I had to show my Bliss by painting the Cheeky Angels series, as they whisper the secret of Divine Love and Joy and the Quantum News to other angels in such earnest secrecy, afraid to get caught by those who are afraid of it, or not ready to know. I do some Odalisque triptychs with the Cheeky angels to give a ‘tongue n cheek’ spin on the old idea, and some fun pastel drawings on paper.

Energy and Life are an inexhaustible subject of the Eternal we hold valuable, and I am thrilled to find such an inexhaustible new inspiration. I can never finish making beautiful organic work that is felt inside and outside and everywhere and anywhere. How about having the Universe as my “Artist’s Model”?

Andrea Banks

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