“Energy” she says, “It’s ALL about Energy”.  Banks is fascinated by Quantum Physics, where she found her big ‘Aha!’ moment.  This incredibly talented Artist grew up in the New York Metropolitan Area, receiving her BFA from Syracuse University.  Banks has lived in Athens, Greece, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, San Francisco, and New York’s tony “East Village”, but now lives in Prescott, AZ, where she likes to paint in the beautiful mountains. She lives with her little dog “B.J.

Well traveled, Andrea used travel as her teacher, to India, Egypt, the Orient, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, North Africa, the Near East, Europe and Canada. Her work is featured in many collections world-wide, including the collections of Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Ted Turner, Oprah, Ed Koch, and James Earl Jones.  No matter what media she works in, acrylics on canvas, pastels on paper, mixed media, etc., her work exudes vibrant Energy, from her stunning Figure Drawings to Abstracts and Contemporary “Finding the Light” Prayer Series that takes your breath away.  Her playful ‘tongue and cheek’ works like her Cheeky Angels and Odalisques make you smile wide, while her more serious works show her personal relentless search for the Truth.  The Profound Spirituality of this series is felt deep and long and shows the maturity of her evolution as an Artist as well as a Human Being.

 These stunning paintings show Andrea Banks’ gifts as the exciting vibrant Colorist and excellent Draftsman in the highest dimensions of expression with a subtle Spiritual backdrop that speaks in Silence.  Banks considers herself the dauntless open mind seeking the common denominators of Peace and Unity on the highest levels.  Her past studies in Semiotics, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, and many other Art subjects at Parsons, New School of Social Research NYC, Rockefeller Institute, in addition to Syracuse U., and graduate work at the Instituto Allende add depth to her understanding of the world at large.

Today, Andrea Banks is in the height of her PRIME, doing the work that shows her growth to being a top Contemporary Artist.  The vitality and exciting color of her Abstracts make them more alive than any figures, and Banks’ Prayers Series is a sublime combination of her remarkable personal Evolution as well. She has been told many times she is the best of them all at Figure Drawings.  See for yourself.

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